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Grab a Chance to Win with Our Sports Betting Packages

There are as many ways to win in sports betting as there are games to bet upon. With the assistance of our team at VSL, we'll support you with a range of sports betting packages and advice for a strong shot at winning each and every time. Contact us to learn more about how our packages can work for you.

Daily Plays

Daily plays are just what you imagine. This package allows you to mix a variety of different sports each day of the season.

Seasonal Plays

A seasonal deal allows you to buy an entire season of betting on the sport, for example, you can choose an entire season of MLB, NFL, or NHL games. We have special playoff packages during the post-season.


This low-risk package gives you a higher chance to make more money if you place successful bets on multiple games. You have to win about four games to win the parlay bet. You can choose as many plays as you like whether it's daily, weekly, or even seasonally. Those who want to spend a little more can play many games at a time.

Super Lock

Super Lock players have up to an 80% chance of winning. There are fewer plays in this package with up to four plays some weeks and only one or two on another week.

Making the Bet

Once you have purchased one of our betting packages, then your next step is placing sports bets either online or in-person in Las Vegas. These links below direct you to fan betting sites.

MyBookie FanDuel BetOnline

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