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A Range of Sports Betting Options

The packages we offer are sure to meet your goals when you are seeking various sports betting options. We have a daily card package which allows you to mix a variety of sports day to day, while our seasonal package offers the chance to wager on an entire season of games for a sport. Superlock has the highest winning percentage for bettors with from one to four plays per week.

Maximizing Your Choices

You can take advantage of different sports wagering choices for plays within our packages. You can manage the money you are winning and spending with unit playing. For example, you can pay $100 per play and have multiple plays on the unit.

A "unit" in sports betting is a measurement of the size of someone's bet. You start with a comfortable bankroll. Generally, a unit is equal to approximately 1% of your bankroll. Example, someone with $10,000 bankroll would be betting $100 per unit.

If you stick with the unit system, you will be a lot better off over time. The more you put into your units, the more you will get back. With bigger plays, you can win more money, and that is where the unit system starts working to gain you more money. Each week you should be up in your units based on the units you have in your account. Touch base with us to learn all the tips to maximize your choices.

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